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Help stop the unjust ban on blue groper

The decision was made by the NSW Government without any scientific advice to ban line fishing for blue groper from 1 March 2024 (Spearfishing for groper has been banned since 1969.) As fee-paying anglers of NSW our fees go towards proper fisheries management and we adhere to the strict rules and regulations set by fisheries which are based off scientific evidence. However, we believe that this is NOT proper management as there is no evidence-backed reason for the ban. This is why we are standing up to the abuse of power by NSW government. We fear that this may only be the start for further unjust bans and stricter regulations based on “emotion” rather than science. 
Sign our petition to help reverse the Government’s decision and put power back into the hands of anglers!
*This petition can only be signed by NSW residents

About Us

Keep Sydney Fishing is a movement to ensure that anglers can enjoy catching fish in Sydney and surrounding areas. We respect our waterways, pay our fishing fees and we should be free to enjoy the right to fish. 

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