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Sydney offers some of the best fishing in the world. From fishing back creeks for bass to casting into the surf for salmon, Sydney has it all. 

As anglers we try our best to preserve the environment and respect our water ways. One of the best things about fishing or spearfishing is we harvest our food in the most sustainable way possible. 

In addition we pay our money towards preserving our aquatic environment through our fishing licence. 

Unfortunately there are groups out there who like to manipulate data and present unchecked "facts" to prevent us from fishing in Sydney. In short, enough is enough which is why we started this initiative to raise public awareness about the benefits of fishing and to fight against those who oppose it. 


How can you help

There are many ways you can help but we do ask for two things that will help us grow. First we kindly ask you to support us by signing our petitions. Secondly, you can purchase a sticker pack for $5 to show your support and the funds go towards paying for websites, social media ads, posters, flyers and more. 

The Future 

Fishing has many different sectors and governing bodies. What we want is to grow large enough to be the voice of anglers and to pass our message to politicians, councils etc and be heard. 

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